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What Makes Our Yoga and Well-Being Holidays Unique

New You Escapes have developed two types of yoga and well-being holidays – yoga and fitness and yoga and hiking. There are a plethora of basic yoga holidays offered throughout the world but we wanted ours to be integrative and different. Both hiking and fitness are complimentary to yoga in different ways and throughout each week a complete and functional retreat can be enjoyed. The New You Escape Venues are simply divine and offer a sanctuary for you to simply concentrate on YOU for a week.

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  • Huerta Belinda in Tarifa
  • Moroccan Kasbah

Yoga and Fitness Holidays

The New You Escapes Yoga and Fitness holidays are offered in Spain. The yoga and fitness weeks offer a more gentle approach to fitness. Through the mix of morning and afternoon yoga sessions, and daily fitness sessions – supported by our delicious food following our therapeutic nutrition programme – you will feel reborn in just one week.

Each morning we will hold a rooted and energised session. We will start the day with a delicious warm up and stretch, using Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga techniques and pranayama to activate the breath and connect to the earth element. Each afternoon a return to earth session will be held. A grounding afternoon practice using a mixture of Hatha yoga for strength and Yin Yoga for flexibility, we will round off the day's Yoga with a calming pranayama to balance the nervous system and a marvelous guided relaxation to leave you feeling light-filled and relaxed.

Throughout the day you can take part in as many fitness sessions as you wish. We hold classes concentrating on strength and conditioning, cardio and flexibility. Alternatively, you can enjoy the time by the pool – blissful.

Yoga and Hiking Holidays

Held in the High Atlas Mountains. A Week of balance, grounding and exploring the local beauty. New You Escapes has discovered the most beautiful Kasbah, hidden in a breath taking High Atlas river location, surrounded by The High Atlas Mountains and nature.

Each day you will begin with a rooting and energising yoga session, and will complete your day with a grounding yoga session surrounded by the natural beauty. Each day, one of our local guides will lead you on a beautiful hike to explore the beauty of Morocco. Through local Berber villages, around the Atlas Mountains and local countryside - you will see Morocco in all it's natural glory and beauty.

This is a phenomenal week only offered at our stunning Kasbah in The High Atlas Mountains.


New You Escapes has travelled the world sourcing the best venues for our clients and the final two are simply divine. We now have our country manor house in Tarifa, and our beautiful Monasterio in Southern Spain.

See What Others Have Said About Us

  • New You transformed my body and changed my life. Throw away all your other diet books and exercise videos. I am telling you, they're no good, and you don't need them. All you need is to get yourself to New You. If you can't, this is the next best thing. It's as simple as that. If you want a new you, this is the way to do it. The only way to do it. I promise you!
    "It Really Will Be a New You"
  • Well, having known the authors personally for many years I can tell you now, there is no messing! Do you want to drop a dress size in a week? Then go to a boot camp! Can't get there? Then buy this book! Simple! This book is excellent for teaching us all a lesson in how to eat, what to eat, the basic rules of exercising that come with it, and changing your attitude to the way you eat and still enjoying every last mouthful! These girls have worked extremely hard and with them being voted Europe's number one boot camp, what more can I say but buy it!
    "To All Of You - Diet Starts Monday!"
    Michelle Lord
  • I came to New You in 2008 to tone up for my wedding. Two children later, and four stone in weight gain, here I am again! I've lost 32lbs since January and now I am ready to get fit and lose the last of the weight. Thank you to Lisa for always being on hand to deal with problems and answering questions. Staffs Simpson and Evans are fantastic trainers, with great knowledge of training , injuries and nutrition. Chef Juta - thank you for the lovely food - it's been tasty and has kept me going all week! Thanks for the demos and making me my "prune drink".
    Kelly Smith
    Hereford, 20th - 27th March 2015
  • My visit a year ago set me on a path of physical improvement and weight loss. This has given me the impetus to continue to improve. Thank you to all for your support, patience and all round good advice.
    Hereford, 10th - 17th June 2016
  • I didn't want to be overweight for my forties. New You has reshaped my body, flattened my tummy and inspired me to set some clear training goals and get back to entering running races and triathlons. Thank you to both PT staff. Your help and advice has been over and above what I would expect and it is much appreciated.
    Anne Marie Chafer
    Hereford, 12th - 19th June 2015

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