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Here’s to a Healthy Start in Weight Loss


A Weight Loss Boot Camp With Unprecedented Results
If you are looking to make a change in your life and finally lose the weight you’ve been holding onto all these years, our weight loss boot camp is a solution that will work for you. Our clients see phenomenal results in just a week. But, the real key with our weight loss camps is that you will see continuing results even after you have finished the programme. We can help you to reach your optimal target weight and shed those pounds to new and healthier you.


Who Can Benefit
Our weight loss boot camp is for everyone, no matter the fitness level, age, weight, or background. If you have the determination you will see the weight loss results you’ve been hoping for. You’ll be with a group of like-minded people who all want to put their health first and lose the weight they can’t seem to get rid of.


What Do the Weight Loss Boot Camps Entail?
At New You Boot Camps our trainers will work with you to help you lose weight through nutritional menu planning, physical workouts, and emotional wellbeing sessions. During your time at the weight loss camp we will teach you how to lose weight, raise your energy levels, build your fitness, and keep the weight off for the long term.


Everyone at New You Boot Camp gets personal attention from the trainers as they push you to do your best and to take part in every class. Our trainers are specialists at dealing with different fitness levels and they will be able to work with you at your level so you get the best results out of the program.


You’ll have a varied array of activities and workout sessions during the camp, which will help you to find an exercise program that you enjoy and will continue once you’ve left. The classes concentrate on cardio, strength, conditioning and flexibility. In the weight loss camps you will see classes such as circuits, boxing, HIIT, ab classes, aqua classe (only in Spain), military circuits, and flexibility classes together with our hiking sessions.


Do not worry about your meals at New You Boot Camps, we do not starve you! You eat 5 times a day with dishes prepared freshly from the onsite chefs. The menu planners for your weight loss boot camp have developed a particular therapeutic menu to help detox your body, help you lose weight, gain energy levels, and get the nutrients and vitamins you need to help nourish your body and treat it well.


Weight Loss for Life
The weight loss boot camps are not just satisfied having you lose weight at the camp, but want this to be a life changing experience where you will bring the information and workout tips home, so you can continue to shed the pounds. At New You Boot Camps you will learn to appreciate food as something that gives your body energy and have a better understanding on how it can help fuel your weight loss. You will take with you a new enthusiasm for weight loss and treating your body better than you ever have before.



Anne Marie Chafer, 12th-19th of June 2015 Hereford
“I didn’t want to be overweight for my 40s. New You Boot Camp has reshaped my body, flattened my tummy and inspired me to set some clear training goals and get back to entering running races and triathlons. Thank you to both PT staff. Your help and advice has been over and above what I would expect and it is much appreciated.”

Heidi Lees-Bell, 8th-15th of May 2015 Spain
“New You Boot Camp has given me the kick-start I needed to start shedding the weight I need to in order to really be the bride I know I can be. I feel so much more confident that I am achieving my goals. To All: Thank you for being strict and serious but also kind and fun!”

Let us Help you Lose the Weight for Good

Don’t be stuck in a rut, come try out one of our weight loss boot camps and see the difference it can make in your weight and health. Get excited about achieving your goals and keeping them. Don’t hesitate to call or email us to learn about booking your weight loss boot camp today.

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“Since starting boot camp in the 3rd week of July, I have lost 22 pounds, dropping two dress sizes in the process.”*

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