• 3 – 10 March 2017 – Spain- Anonymous

    This is the first time I have done a bootcamp. I enjoyed the classes, the walks. The bootcamp manager was great, full of life and kept us entertained and well looked after. The PTIs were great. Staff Ford's banter kept us laughing through the aches and pains, Staff Morgan was great, super personable and knowledgeable and very approachable.
  • 17-24 February 2017 – Spain – Rebecca Williams

    The management team and the staffs were great. The crowd of people were also great. Went last year and found this year tougher but so happy that I went on it!
  • 17 -24 February 2017 – Spain- Helen Pearson

    Staff Evans and Staff Tredgett are fabulous PT's. Motivational, knowledgeable and wonderfully able to provide a varied programme to suit all ability levels. I loved the fact that we did more stretching and strength work. The slightly more gentle approach works! Paco's cooking is fabulous and Yusimi dealt with any issues with efficiency and a broad smile irrespective of how difficult the client!
  • 3 -10 February 2017 – Somerset Boot Camp- Louise West

    I have had niggles and side effects with food for sometime now so when I was offered the chance to have 1/2 hour food intolerance test with Rose I jumped at the chance. Rose is very knowledgable and full of practical advse. The test itself was ever so easy just a prick on the finger and then wait of half an hour. The follow up result & consultation re-affirmed the doubts I had and Rose suggested ways for me to alter my eating habits. Rose is an expert in her field and can answer any questions with sensible exepert opinions.
  • Anonymous -18-25 November 2016 Spain

    The training sessions are mostly very good. Staff Evans is very organised and Staff Simpson excels at getting a bit more from you than you thought you could give. I also enjoyed the nutrition talk and several of the meals were excellent.
  • Deborah Levy -18-25 November 2016 Spain

    Programme of activities well structured. Ability to pitch to all fitness levels. Great venue. Great tasting food.
  • Catherine McGinnity – 10-17 June 2016 Hereford

    Have always been unhappy with my body. I wanted something to install some confidence and tools to boat depression and anxiety. Thanks to everyone,  all been friendly!
  • Tracy Walker – 10-17 June 2016 – Hereford

    I would like to say huge thank you to Lisa who was very welcoming and also the trainers were very approachable!
  • Pamela – 10-17 June 2016 Hereford

    I just needed a fitness reboot! And an opportunity to refocus on my goals and opportunities to come. Thank you all very much for all your help and guidance this week. Very good humour helped us a great deal!
  • Lucia – 10-17 June 2016 -Hereford

    My visit a year ago set me on a path of physical improvement and weightloss. This has given me the impetus to continue to improve. Thank you to All for support and patience and all round good advice.
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