• Anonymous -18-25 November 2016 Spain

    The training sessions are mostly very good. Staff Evans is very organised and Staff Simpson excels at getting a bit more from you than you thought you could give. I also enjoyed the nutrition talk and several of the meals were excellent.
  • Deborah Levy -18-25 November 2016 Spain

    Programme of activities well structured. Ability to pitch to all fitness levels. Great venue. Great tasting food.
  • Catherine McGinnity – 10-17 June 2016 Hereford

    Have always been unhappy with my body. I wanted something to install some confidence and tools to boat depression and anxiety. Thanks to everyone,  all been friendly!
  • Tracy Walker – 10-17 June 2016 – Hereford

    I would like to say huge thank you to Lisa who was very welcoming and also the trainers were very approachable!
  • Pamela – 10-17 June 2016 Hereford

    I just needed a fitness reboot! And an opportunity to refocus on my goals and opportunities to come. Thank you all very much for all your help and guidance this week. Very good humour helped us a great deal!
  • Lucia – 10-17 June 2016 -Hereford

    My visit a year ago set me on a path of physical improvement and weightloss. This has given me the impetus to continue to improve. Thank you to All for support and patience and all round good advice.
  • Anonymous – 8-15 July 2016 Spain

    My husband passed away suddenly, followed 6 weeks later my father, after that my dog died. Everything became too much. I have competed for  Triathlon World Championships but lost the desire to compete. New You Boot Camp has helped me find my mojo again and has inspired me to try to qualify  again for the World Champs. Thanks. I have found Staff Evans , Staff Morgan and Gayle exemplary in every aspect of this week: professional, informative, knowledgeable, encouraging and fun. They make a wonderful team. Thanks!
  • Anonymous – 8-15 July 2016 Spain

    Post MSC with lots of sitting. I was in poor condition both physically and mentally and needed to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. The recent death of my Mum made me choose this physically exhausting experience as an avenue for my goal. Gayle - awesome. Cheerful, helpful, always  with acute attention to detail. An asset! PTI's: Evans and Morgan - awesome trainers, professional, encouraging, knowledgeable. I could run out of adjectives. Simply Brilliant!
  • Anonymous – 8-15 July 2016 Spain

    I travelled to Bali in March/April, fall ill (Dengue fever). I had to abort the trip. The aftermath of it was fatigue. I came to the boot camp to strengthen my body and catch up on my missed holiday. I wasn't feeling well, I felt bad for being 'difficult'. The boot camp manager Gayle was so kind and patient, ensuring me such things happen. She sorted things out for me. Thank you!
  • Anonymous -8-15 July 2016 Spain

    I needed to lose a couple of stone to get back to my normal weight as after a stressful 8 months I gained weight. Needed a kick-start to get back to the 'old me'. Everyone was excellent, helpful and very knowledgeable.
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