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What is included?
  • You can take part in as many classes as you wish, meaning you can enjoy the spa and poolside and indulge yourself in relaxation alongside our classes.
  • We offer luxury accommodation in either suites, single, twin or triple rooms.
  • The accommodation has delightful grounds, gardens and a swimming pool for you to use.
  • Part of the training includes hikes throughout the beautiful Andalucian countryside, for increasing fitness and de-stressing the mind.
  • You will be following the New You Boot Camp’s Exclusive Therapeutic Nutritional Programme during your stay.
  • A goal setting and personal one to one with one of our world class trainers to work on an individual training plan.
  • Cookery demonstrations from our wonderful chefs who will take you through some of our delicious recipes.
  • All food, drinks and training are included in the package. Flights and spa treatments are not included.
  • We offer a complimentary transfer to and from Malaga Airport. One pick up and one drop off is offered so please book your flights to coincide with these times. We can arrange alternative transfers if required, at an extra cost.
  • Delightful therapeutic massages available throughout the week. Due to high demand, all extra treatments must be booked prior to attending.

Luxury Spanish fitness boot camp


Our luxury fitness boot camp in Spain is perfect if you are looking to kickstart a fitness regime, take a week out to focus on your health, or treat yourself to a luxury week abroad. With an intense training regime and food supplied by our expert nutritionists, our luxury boot camp is ideal for individuals and groups who are interested in reaching their fitness peak. The luxury accommodation in the Spanish countryside of Cadiz, combined with working out in the southern Spanish sun is sure to boost and motivate you to fulfilling your potential.


Is this fitness boot camp for me?
If you’re a fitness fanatic, gym bunny or looking to treat yourself to a fantastic week abroad, this is the boot camp to suit you. The intense fitness regime we provide is based on military training, with the training sessions run by world class physical trainers. An already high level of fitness will be beneficial to you, but you will still be provided with an intense challenge that will push your physical limits and achievements.* ( Individual results may vary )


What does the boot camp involve?
Each attendee meets one-on-one with one of our trainers to discuss their fitness goals, whether it’s improving your mental-wellbeing, getting back on track with your fitness regime, trying something new or doing something you enjoy. We are passionate about helping people with their fitness and health and making the experience as personal to you as possible. Luxury accommodation is provided, and food classes with some of our New You Boot Camp recipes aim to show how your diet and your fitness levels are closely intertwined.


Why should I attend a Spanish fitness boot camp?
We aim to provide a wide range of exercises and training regimes. You may discover an exercise your body needs, and find muscles aching that even the keenest exercisers did not know they had. Our intense courses will come with a sense of achievement from finishing a challenge, and we aim to educate and share knowledge about nutrition and fitness. The week abroad will provide you with some great memories and help you meet new people who share your interests in fitness.
The luxury Spanish boot camp is a great opportunity for boosting your confidence, fitness levels and learning new things. Challenging yourself is the only way to move forward, so if you’re stuck in a fitness rut or want to restart an intense fitness regime then signing up for a luxury fitness boot camp in Spain will provide you with a holiday from a busy schedule and an excuse to concentrate on yourself.


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9 - 16 November 2018 (Mixed)
Single Suite Room £1649
Single Room £1369
Twin Room £921
Triple Room £795
24 - 30 March 2019 (Mixed)
Single Suite Room £1649 Enquire Now!
Single Room £1369
Twin Room £921
Triple Room £795
14 - 20 April 2019 (Mixed)
Single Suite Room £1649
Single Room £1369
Twin Room £921
Triple Room £795
20 - 26 October 2019 (Mixed)
Single Suite Room £1649
Single Room £1369
Twin Room £921
Triple Room £795


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