• The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be

  • The groundwork for all happiness is health

    Leigh Hunt
  • Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.

    Carol Welch
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What’s Included:

  •  You can train by choice at this property and this is the only venue where we offer this experience. All of our clients that like our intensive training programme can take advantage of our World Famous Programme. Alternatively, for those of you that are looking for a fabulous healthy holiday and would like to enjoy the poolside you can take part in as many or as few of our beneficial classes as you wish. Please do remember, that the more classes you take part in the better the weight loss and fitness results will be.
  • Sumptuous accommodation in Single Suite, Double Room, Twin, or Triple occupancy.
  • Delightful grounds, gardens & swimming pool for you to use as you wish throughout your stay.
  • Stunning hikes throughout the beautiful Andalucian countryside to increase your fitness and de-stress your mind.
  • You will be following the New You Boot Camp’s Exclusive Therapeutic Nutritional Programme during your stay. Our own organic garden on site allows our chefs to truly cook from fresh.
  • Opportunity to have a goal setting and personal one to one with one of our world class trainers to work on individual training plan.
  • Cookery demonstrations from our wonderful chefs who will take you through some of our delicious therapeutic recipes.
  • All food, drinks and training are included.
  • Complimentary transfer to and from Malaga Airport. One pick up and one drop off is offered so please book your flights to coincide with these times. We can arrange alternative transfers if required but this is an extra cost.
  • Delightful therapeutic massages available throughout the week & all extra treatments must be booked prior to boot camp.

At New You Boot Camp’s Luxury Spain Boot Camp we offer an education, life changing experience and phenomenal results. Each of you have different expectations and goals and our world class trainers will guide you to make sure you reach your goals for the week with us. Not only will you feel and see dramatic results during your week’s stay with us but you will be educated throughout the week to be able to happily continue. As this week is a “flexible boot camp” you can train at every opportunity or if you would like time to relax and enjoy the delightful pool then you can choose. If you are looking for some real quality relaxation you could always indulge in one of our specialist treatments offered by our fabulous therapist. Each and everyone of our client’s arrives at New You Boot Camp with a slightly different goal. You and your personal goals are important to every member of the New You Boot Camp Team. We work with you to show you what you can achieve and show you that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. We will absolutely ensure that you leave us feeling like a new person, completely rejuvenated, motivated and better than you have felt in years.

Where is the boot camp? Located in the beautiful Cadiz countryside near Marbella and the port of Sotogrande. The nearest airport is Malaga.

What could I expect to lose?

Our average weight loss in Spain is 9lbs per bootcamp, and an overall average inch loss of 9″.* ( Individual results may vary )

Why is it good for me?

The holiday is as flexible as you would like it to be making sure that every client has the holiday that is right for them. If you can’t or choose not to exercise you can de-stress, relax and experience our therapeutic diet, educate yourself and enjoy a new way of eating.

How fit do you have to be?

We welcome all fitness levels from beginners to advanced and ensure we tailor our fitness sessions so that they are suitable and enjoyable for you.

Who fly’s to Malaga?

Easy Jet, Ryan Air, British Airway, Swiss Air & Air France.


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9 - 16 November 2018 (Mixed)
Single Suite Room £1649
Single Room £1369
Twin Room £921
Triple Room £795
24 - 30 March 2019 (Mixed)
Single Suite Room £1649
Single Room £1369
Twin Room £921
Triple Room £795
14 - 20 April 2019 (Mixed)
Single Suite Room £1649
Single Room £1369
Twin Room £921
Triple Room £795
20 - 26 October 2019 (Mixed)
Single Suite Room £1649
Single Room £1369
Twin Room £921
Triple Room £795


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