Change The Way You Eat, Think and Exercise for Life!

For the first time ever this book gives you everything you need to create or recreate your own New You Boot Camp experience at home. The New You Boot Camp lifestyle book is the perfect way to get a taste of the “New You” prior to coming to New You Boot Camp. It is also the perfect solution to any of you that can’t attend a New You Boot Camp Course.

The New You Boot Camp Book ‘Drop a dress size in two weeks’ is based upon our successful military inspired weight loss and fitness Boot Camps that have become the destination of choice for celebrities, men and women everywhere. In the book we have implemented every tool you will need to accomplish a ‘NEW YOU’. This book contains training programmes with photographic step by step guides, nutritional information, recipes galore, N.L.P. and goal setting tips to help you reach your final goal. And, IT WORKS!

The New You Boot Camp programme has gone on to significantly alter thousands of men and women’s attitudes to their bodies and their diets. We want to help you reach your goal and finally meet the ‘New You’ and this book WORKS!

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“Fabulous book”
By Gabby “Gabs”

Brilliant book and easy to read. Totally addictive and gives you a day off the plan once a week – fabulous for when you want a little indulgence!!! The book is very well presented giving you an easy to understand illustrated exercise programme, positive mindset chapter and success stories the whole way through. This is something that really inspired me to carry on with the plan. I thought that the inclusion of a recommended cocktail list and dinner party menu’s was really useful!

“Absolutely Fab!”
By Mrs. Jemma N. Lamb

Such a cool book! Diet is totally doable, doesnt feel like im sacrificing cos im enjoying the fact that it allows for treats & nights off. The cocktail list is a brill idea cos i never know what to order that isnt calorific and the whole positive mindset is so enlightening. All in all a great, easy to follow,healthy & happy living book! 🙂 Id highly recommend it if you need a point in the right direction, its certainly done wonders for me!

“Great Book – excellent training diagrams”
By L. Braide

I bought this book at the weekend and I am thrilled with it’s structure and attitude to weight loss. Having struggled over the years to shift that ‘baby belly’ I have no realised there is a way and I am following this book step by step to achieve my goal. It has easy diet plan and even I can follow this. Forget all your Atkins and Cambridge diets, they are a quick fix but very unhealthy, where as New You Boot Camp is all about getting the weight off and it staying off with diet and exercise, which is how I want it! I feel positive just reading it and maybe ill update you all with how its going!Id say with out a doubt.. go buy it!

“It worked for me!”
By Dr. C. A. Tams

This book was a breath of fresh air… simple and attainable targets… for a change.
It’s realistic and surprisingly easy to follow. It promotes a healthy approach to dieting that can be implemented permanently. A day off a week means you can plan your naughtiness without feeling like you’ve failed or fallen off the wagon. So far so good…

“To all you “diet starts Monday!”
By Michelle Lord

Well, having known the authors personally for many years I can tell you now, there is no messing! Do you want to drop a dress size in a week? Then go to Bootcamp!! Can’t get there? Then buy this book! Simple! This book is excellent for teaching us all a lesson in how to eat and what to eat and the basic rules of exercising that come with it, changing your attitude to the way you eat and still enjoying every last mouthful! These girls have worked extremely hard and with them being voted Europes number 1 bootcamp what more can I say but BUY IT!!

“Brilliant buy for all those looking for a simple diet plan that fits in around a busy scehdule!
By Kelly Wanstall

This diet book is easy to follow and incorporate into any busy working woman’s daily routine. The diet is easy to understand and allows for the ‘social’ nights out that all girls should have! The tips and goals in the book are realistic and the recipes are not only simple but delicious! I’ve been following this diet since December and have lost over 1 stone so far and feel fantastic! The diet itself is now a way of life for me and I wouldn’t turn back. I can eat in restaurants, have a cocktail or two and even eat chocolate and still be within the rules of the diet! What more can a girl ask for?  I would recommend this book to any man or woman who needs a simple and effective plan to follow and implement into any busy schedule!

“It really will be a ‘New You’..¦”
By Flavia

New You Boot Camp transformed my body and changed my life. Throw away all your other diet books and exercise videos. I am telling you, they’re no good, and you don’t need them. All you need is to get yourself to New You Boot Camp. If you can’t, this is the next best thing. It’s as simple as that. If you want a “New You”, this is the way to do it. The only way to do it. I promise you’

(* Experience is a result of individuals and may vary.)

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