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Having a healthy body leads to having a healthy mind. Having a healthy mind leads to general happiness and well-being, reduced stress and longevity of life. New You Boot Camp offers fitness camps for when you are looking to improve your overall health and reach the peak of your physical and mental potential. You can help your body detox and de-stress with either five or seven days of up to 10 hours of intensive, military style training with world-class trainers.


Is this fitness boot camp for me?
We recommend that you are currently doing three high-intensity workouts a week before attending one of our fitness camps. This lessens the chance of damage from overworking your body and allows you to get the full experience of starting and completing the training. Our sessions are run by world-class body instructors and military trainers – you will benefit from the fitness programme the most if you are already at a high level of fitness. Pushing yourself beyond what you believe your limits are is a great way to boost your confidence and take your fitness to the next level.


What does a fitness boot camp involve?
This will depend on which boot camp you attend, but all include 10 hours of high-intensity training, and food and drink planned by our top nutritionists. Our experienced chefs will guide you through the preparation of delicious, healthy meals with their cookery demonstrations. As well as boot camp fitness training, you are educated on nutrition, your body’s requirements and how to optimise your health through your diet.


Different fitness camps involve different things and run for different lengths of time, so be sure to check the details. All of our fit body boot camps offer all-inclusive accommodation in peaceful locations and you can request a personal one-to-one meeting with one of our skilled trainers to help you develop a specialised plan. Every day you will have access to New You Boot Camp’s exclusive therapeutic nutritional programme and of course a dedicated training regime designed to help you achieve your goals.


We also offer corporate events for offices, companies and businesses. Sitting at computers all day can cause your fitness and health to deteriorate, meaning that your work levels will drop. Our corporate events can help invigorate your whole office, raise energy levels and improve performance. Aid your employees with life coaching, goal setting and stress management, and enjoy your own stress-free experience as we organise your full trip for you, with a personal account manager.


What are the benefits of fitness boot camps?
Whether your fitness goals are to achieve a physical peak, increase muscle mass, improve your stamina, kick start your health or for your own personal therapy, we can cater to you. Our fitness boot camp is also perfect if you are looking for time off your everyday life, as a break from work, or whether you are looking for a holiday in the Mediterranean Sunshine at our Spanish boot camp.




Cathy Mussert – Somerset – 4th -7th of April 2014
I am getting fit in a preparation for the Clipper Round the World Race 2015/16. This Boot Camp was to kickstart my training regime. It was a brilliant weekend with lots of laughs. I can’t belive I actually managed to enjoy it.
George Applegate – Somerset – 22nd-29th of August 2014
I want to be fit, healthy and agile enough to be able to play squash for at least another 20 years. I would like to thank all the staff for giving me the opportunity to bond with my daughter.


Improve your overall health, confidence and fitness with a New You fitness boot camp. Meet new people, discover new training regimes and learn about clean eating at one of our bespoke fitness boot camps. Taking your training to the next level is a great boost and will help you achieve goals you didn’t know you were capable of even setting.


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