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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ is designed to answer the most common questions regarding our holidays, nutrition and fitness packages. For any questions not found on this page, please don't hesitate to contact us on - we'll be more than happy to help you!

1Is our fitness assessed when we arrive?
Your fitness will be assessed by our trainers at the beginning of New You Boot Camp. You will have a short fitness test to ensure that the trainers have a general understanding of your personal fitness and the groups' fitness.
2Where can I buy the kit I need?
It will all be available in other outdoor/camping shops and high street stores. Please do not spend a lot of money on your kit as it will undoubtedly get ruined at boot camp. Old t-shirts and track suit bottoms are just perfect.
3Can I share with a stranger if I'm coming alone?
The majority of our clients share rooms with clients they have not met before New You Boot Camp. Other clients share rooms with friends that are attending the week with them and others opt for a single room. It is entirely down to personal preference.
4Can I smoke at New You Boot Camp?
You will be able to have cigarettes outside in the designated smoking areas in your down time in the evenings.
5Will the nutritionist be on the camp?
Each of our residential boot camps will have one of The New You Boot Camps 'Nutrition Squad' attend at the beginning of the week. They will be there to help educate you on healthy eating and the science behind the New You Boot Camp nutrition plan.
6What's your average weight loss?
Our average weight loss is a week is 9lb and our average inch loss is 9 inches.
7Can I just do part of the week?
Our week long residential courses is an opportunity for you to become part of the team and really enjoy the week and reach your goals we ask that all clients attend the week in its entirety. If you do need to leave early or arrive later then we do ask that you gain permission from head office so that we can notify the boot camp. If you have any concerns, always feel free to contact head office at any time on 01202 618220.
8If I am Type 1 Diabetic can I attend?
It is recommended that carbohydrates are the majority source of dietary intake for a person with type I and type II diabetes. This is to maintain energy levels and help regulate insulin levels. The New You Boot Camp diet has very little carbohydrate content. For a person with diabetes, this would mean that your blood sugar levels would constantly be lower than normal. Although physical activity is recommended to help control diabetes, it needs to be a controlled amount closely linked to the dietary intake. Aerobic exercise lowers blood sugar levels, and with resistance training, although an increase is seen to start with a dramatic drop can occur post exercise. The intense physical activity included in the New You Boot Camp programme could cause problems to those with diabetes. With the increase in activity compared to normal more carbohydrates will be needed in the diet to regulate blood sugar levels. Therefore, there would be an increased risk of hypoglycaemia. This would mean that a form of glucose would be needed on regular occasions to prevent this which is not available on the new you boot camp eating plan.
9Can I attend if I have an Injury?
Our programme can easily be adapted to support clients if they have a weak spot. However, our aim is to improve your fitness and well being not to hinder your recovery. Therefore, we do need extensive information on any injuries to advise on whether you could complete a New You Boot Camp Programme. We would also ask you to visit your health adviser and ask for their opinion as they know your case history.
10What is the Diet at New You Boot Camp?
We are completely wheat and dairy free at New You Boot Camp. You will only see fresh food at New You Boot Camp and no processed food will be on site. Our delicious nutritional menus have been extensively developed and we integrate therapeutic cooking into our menus daily. Ultimately, we are what we eat and we not only teach you this at New You Boot Camp, we also show you. You will be eating 5 times a day with three main meals and two snacks.
11What if I have allergies?
We ask that you get a letter signed by your doctor to say that he is happy for you to attend New You Boot Camp and that you make us clearly aware when you fill out your medical form so that we can adapt the menu/programme to adhere to your individual requirements. Most allergies can be easily catered for as long as we are made aware prior to arrival.
12Do you allow underweight clients on Boot Camp?
We do have to ensure that we do not take any clients that could even have the potential of leaving New You Boot Camp UNDER weight. If we do think that you could leave underweight then we do ask you to note that you can only attend a fitness programme. You must also agree in writing to us that you will take part in a higher calorie plan to ensure you don't lose weight but you will still lose inches.
13Am I fit enough / too over weight?
We take all levels of fitness. At The New You Boot Camp you will be working to your own full capacity as opposed to trying to keep up with the fittest or being slowed down by the weakest. Our aim is to get 110% out of each client and each of you will be pushed to your limit. Some of our clients have never been fit or attended a fitness class, some are triathlon competitors. The majority of our client's are the average person who used to go to the gym and need a kick start back into fitness or alternatively they are going to the gym 3 times a week and have hit a plateau.
14Will New You Boot Camp Accept Minors?
We only take clients who are 18+.
15Am I too old for the boot camp?
We have had clients from 18 - 80 attend boot camp. Our average range is 27-60. We have many 50+ clients who are more fit and more dedicated than our 20 year old clients. Your age is nothing but a number, if you are physically fit enough and mentally dedicated enough you can complete a New You Boot Camp Course. If you are concerned about your fitness and physical capacity due to your age then please call one of our friendly advisers to discuss further on 01202 618220.
16What's the difference between camps?
Our boot camps all have the same results driven formula. Adventure activities may differ slightly due to the terrain being so different in each venue but each venue still offers fun and motivating adventure activities. All military activities are very similar at each property.
17Can I do two weeks back to back?
We only offer our boot camps on a one week basis. New You Boot Camp is a very intensive training course and we strongly advise that a client does not do two weeks back to back. If you feel that you are capable of doing two weeks back to back then we will require a medical authorisation note from your health practitioner.
18What equipment does Boot Camp supply?
We will supply all exercise and safety equipment (i.e., exercise mats, boxing gloves). We do not supply any personal clothing or personal equipment such as a high-vis vests.
19How long after giving birth can I attend camp?
So, when should you start working out again? Generally, it is recommended that women wait about six weeks to start exercising after they have given birth; eight weeks if they have had a caesarean. However, some women can start exercising before this. Listen to your body and wait until you feel ready. We strongly advise that you only attend New You Boot Camp 3 months after a natural birth and 6 months after a caesarean. When you decide to start an exercise program, discuss it with your health care provider first. Also, call to speak to one of our advisers so that they can discuss our programme with you, 01202 618220
20What if I find out I am pregnant after booking?
Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, we do appreciate that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise and as long as we can fill your place then we will move your booking to the next mutually available date. £100 transfer fee is applicable.
21What is your cancellation policy?
Should you wish to cancel, cancellation charges will be imposed. However, we do appreciate that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise and as long as we can fill your place then we will move your booking to the next mutually available date. A £100 transfer fee is applicable. If we cannot fill your place then you must claim from your personal travel insurance. We do advise all clients to acquire holiday insurance at the point of booking.
22Do you have a male boot camp?
We offer mixed boot camps in Spain that our male clients are welcomed too. Fitness days are all mixed.
23Can I swap to another boot camp if I want to?
Unfortunately it is not company policy to allow people to swap boot camps unless extreme circumstances arise, or previously agreed. If you do need to swap boot camps we will endeavour to sell your place and then we will transfer you to a mutually convenient date for a £100 transfer fee.
24Is there internet access?
Internet access is extremely intermittent due to us being based in such rural areas. If you have to access internet for a pre-arranged meeting or an emergency then we will endeavour to arrange this for you. Please do let us know if you do need us to look into this further before you arrive at boot camp.
25Are mobile phones allowed?
Mobile phones are permitted. However, please keep in mind that we are in very rural areas and so signal can be intermittent. We do require that you only use your phones during meal times and your own time in the evenings. If you do need to be urgently contactable during the week please feel free to give your friends and family our head office telephone number and we will contact boot camp to get in contact with you in case of emergencies.
26What is the average group size?
Our Average group size is 25 people per group. Some of our boot camps are larger, taking 30 people and some are smaller, taking only 18 people. However, the client to staff ratio is very high on all boot camps to maintain the individual personal approach we are proud of.
27What do I need to bring with me?
An entire kit list will be supplied upon booking. The majority of things on the list that you need you will probably already own, i.e., t-shirts, jumpers, socks, tracksuit bottoms, shorts. The three things that many clients have to invest in are a good pair of waterproof hiking boots and waterproof jacket and trousers.
28What time do we start and finish?
The start time and finish time depends on which course you are attending. The mid week and weekend booster breaks and fitness days do begin in the morning and the 7 day courses begin in the afternoon. If you do need to arrive or depart at a different time to our specific times this can be arranged prior to your boot camp. The specific start times and finish times are on your confirmation letter. If you do not receive your confirmation letter within 24 hours of booking please call us directly to speak to one of our friendly advisers on 01202 618220. If you have any further questions concerning your arrival time always feel free to call our advisers directly and ask.
29How do we get there / what time?
All meeting times and transport information will be given to you in your confirmation letter upon booking. If you do not receive your confirmation letter within 24 hours of booking please call us directly to speak to one of our friendly advisers. 01202 618220. If you have any further questions concerning your transport always feel free to call our advisers and ask.
30What payment method do you use?
We ask for a 30% deposit upon booking to secure your place and the balance is to be paid 6 weeks before you go. A charge will be added 1.96% for credit cards and £0.60 for debit cards. Cheques and BACS payments are also accepted. We do not accept American Express payments.
31How do I book?
You can contact a member of the team at our head office who will be more than happy to take your booking over the phone on 01202 618220. We take a 30% deposit to confirm your place and final payment is due 6 weeks before your arrival date.